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One of the most common types of muscle injuries is to the shin and physicians have been assessing various treatments of shin splints. It is important to learn about the various common symptoms of shin splints so that one can accordingly go about treating them. Injured people usually face pain that is located on the inside of the shin. They tend to ignore the initial pain which gets worse and causes serious muscle injuries. Other symptoms also include frequent aching and throbbing pain in the muscles. The affected areas also become tender. Obvious symptoms of shin splints include external swelling in the areas as well as possible redness. It is recommended that on experiencing any of the mentioned symptoms, affected people should immediately consult physicians for treatment of shin splints.

Shin splints are caused because of a number of reasons and the most common ones are listed below:

- Playing sports that have a high impact on the body like basketball, tennis or sunning. Also playing sports on hard surfaces has an effect on your shin muscles.

- No warm up exercise before a work out or a tough physical activity.

- Use of improper footwear.

- Continuous stress that can happen as a result of extensive running, jogging, jumping etc.

- Imbalance of muscles between quadriceps and hamstrings.

- Sudden increase in the intensity of a workout or exercise.

Experiencing a shin splint is one of the first muscle injuries that can happen and one might even think he might never be able to walk or run again. Shin splints cause pain that is unbearable and that keeps on increasing. Many get discouraged by that but there are a few treatments of shin splints that can help you recover from the adversities of the injury and get back to full fitness.

For starters, as soon as you discover there is an inflammation in the shin muscles, completely halt the activity that is causing it. It is essential that you re-adjust your training schedule with activities of less stress and intensity.

The footwear you wear is a vital factor in causing shin injuries. Keep a check on your shoes to see if they are not worn out and are still in good condition with enough cushions for your feet. Also try training on surfaces that are elastic. The strain on your shins would worsen if you work out on inelastic surfaces.

One of the most common and effective recovery methods is icing the affected areas. Massaging with an ice pack over the injured shin for ten to fifteen minutes helps in reducing circulation, which decreases the intensity of the inflammation that is causing the distress. However, it is important that you do not ice your body for too long as that can damage your skin. A lot of icing can also stall speedy recovery as it slows down blood circulation in the body.

Using the above mentioned methods, your pain would gradually start reducing. Once that happens, you should start with light stretching exercises for your muscles. Wear proper shoes and work out only on elastic surfaces. Get back to normal workout routine only gradually as the body might again experience stress. Treatment of shin splints is in the hands of the injured, if taken care of carefully.

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Treatment of Shin Splints

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This article was published on 2010/12/03