Top 6 Pain Management Treatment Options

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There are around 50 million people in the United States that are forced to deal with pain on a daily basis. This leads them to pain management doctors who can try a variety of treatments to get them back on their feet and back to work. Out of all of the different options out there, though, I’ll show you the top six that you should be concerned about.


There are a lot of different forms that injections come in and they can be used in your neck, legs, and back to stop your pain. Normally this is a steroid injection, but there are other options that your doctor can talk to you about.

-Physical Therapy

Chronic pain is often made worse by not moving your body enough. Physical therapy forces you to do this and can increase your mobility in a way that will alleviate a lot of the pain that you are feeling. This can mean lifting weights, using aquatic therapy, stretching, or using any number of special exercises that have been designed to reduce your inflammation and get you back to normal.


Everyone has some image of acupuncture in their head, but the truth is that it has been helping people for thousands of years. By simply placing needles at very specific parts of your body you can relieve yourself of pressure and pain. There are a lot of other claims, such as balancing out energy levels, but regardless of any of that, the fact that it reduces pain is one that many people swear by.

-Nerve Block

A nerve block will work by changing the way that your brain receives signals from your nerves. If there is not a problem that is causing the pain, a nerve block will simply stop it from being able to tell your brain that you should be experiencing pain.

-Electronic Stimulation

If you have had any kind of physical therapy after an injury you are probably familiar with electronic stimulation. TENS units are the most common incarnation of this, also known as transcutaneous electro-nerve stimulator. These devices will send an electric signal through your body to stimulate your nerves and help your body recover from the pain.

-Pain Medication

Pain medications are controversial, but remain an effective way of managing pain for millions of people across the world. Many worry about addiction, but with proper doctor supervision you don’t have to worry about this. There are many options available, including non narcotic ones, to help you find what works best for you and what makes your pain stop.

Which Is Best?

Pain Medication is perhaps the most common out of all of these when it comes to pain management, but they are all quality options for some people. It will be up to your doctor and yourself to determine what works best and what the best course of action is. Pain can be a very debilitating problem when not taken care of, but a good pain management doctor can help you be your true self again.

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Top 6 Pain Management Treatment Options

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Top 6 Pain Management Treatment Options

This article was published on 2014/01/15