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If perhaps youre presently being affected by Shingles and searching for the best Shingles pain treatment, youre in the correct place. Its extremely important to begin treating Shingles as soon as you possibly can, as it will lessen the severity of the disease and also the duration.

On this page, I am about to share with you a number of easy Shingles pain treatment you can utilize immediately.

1) Ice Pack Or Wet Cloth

Many Shingles affected individuals have reported utilizing an ice pack or a wet cloth can in the short term be utilized for a Shingles pain treatment. You want to make certain that the skin as well as infected area is clean before utilizing an ice pack or wet cloth, as you dont want to acquire an infection. However the ice pack may help alleviate any pain or even discomfort simply by numbing the actual infected nerve area.

2) Calamine Lotion

You can easily apply calamine lotion on the infected area as a Shingles pain treatment, which will help ease virtually any pain, burning or even itching.

3) Eat 2 Pears A Day

Pears are full of caffeic acid, that is commonly used as a natural antiviral treatment and can assist being a Shingles pain treatment. You either can eat the pears whole or even juice them or drink an all-natural pear juice for good results. However, ensure youre consuming pears throughout the day!

4) Lysine

Take in a minimum of two 500 milligram capsules of Lysine a couple of times daily. Lysine is an anti-viral amino acid which can be found in green spinach, lentils, peas, carob as well as soybeans. Lysine could be effective in getting rid of any signs and symptoms and as a fast Shingles pain treatment.

And of course there is Ibuprofen, Tylenol or even Aspirin that will help ease any kind of pain you may be going through. There will also be additional prescription medications you are able to take that your doctor can give you, nevertheless, much research has revealed that those medications can be harmful in your body and may even not be worth putting yourself at that level of risk. There are many natural, safe and effective treatments for Shingles.
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Shingles Pain Treatment

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    Nadal- 2011/02/16 00:08:47 am

    Findrxonline says on its website that if only you suspect has disease is pue take a painkiller as hydrocodone and visit to the doctor to confirm the disease and give you the right treatment.

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