Scenar Therapy - 95% Success Rate With Scenar: Is This For Real?

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SCENAR therapy has mixed reactions and you need to delve deep into the basis of the technological device, the practitioners and the patients to know more about the type of success achieved. Even inside Russia as well as outside, the common saying is that the technology developed by Russians, has a success rate of 75 percent to 95 percent.

Depending on your condition and the type of disorder you have, SKENAR and its benefits can be an indication based on who is the practitioner.

Depends on the severity of the problem

The condition of pain is also not similar to everyone and the effects cannot be set in stone. You may have a different type of disorder and cannot expect the same healing time experienced by someone else.

For beginners, it has been estimated that the success rate is close to 65 percent or even a little more, but it also depends on the severity of the problem. Disorders can be of various types ranging from pain in the joints, frozen shoulders to nerve related symptoms.

SCENAR therapy came to be known after the Russians opened up to the world. It was the brainchild of a space scientist and the therapy was fine tuned primarily to treat astronauts in outer space. It was not possible to treat them with conventional medicines and the therapy and device was developed as a handy tool to cure disorders.

The Soviets had to find out something like SCENAR therapy urgently as they did not have space shuttles like Americans to bring back the astronauts for treatment.

Goes to the root of the pain

The body has a certain system and works according to a plan when it is faced with disorders. But the real trouble lies when people begin to expect results instantly. Everybody responds differently and also reacts in diverse ways in the event of any changes inside. The SCENAR technology was developed to maintain a healthy balance as well as adapt to the conditions of the pain.

Depending on the intensity of the pain, the pressure gets fine tuned during massage with the SCENAR device. With pain management being a big business the world over and not restricted to old age people anymore, new age medicines and devices are out in the market. New technologies and therapies are also developed to meet the growing clientele that wants instant relief.

Being non-invasive, shorn of any chemicals, SCENAR stimulates the inherent resources of our bodies to come out with the methods of recovery. As a latest addition, it aims at going to the root of the problem.

Most modern day medicines, especially over the counter and prescription drugs try and attack the symptoms. In the end, the symptoms die down as soon as the medicine works, but comes back with a vengeance when the effect wears off.
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Scenar Therapy - 95% Success Rate With Scenar: Is This For Real?

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This article was published on 2010/10/03