Scenar - 'scenar' Or 'skenar': What's In The Name Anyway?

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People sometimes wonder what is actually meant by SCENAR or SKENAR as the technological device to treat pain is known. It is actually an acronym for self controlled energy neuro-adaptive regulator and the last letter, R, stands for Regulator. But in the Russian language, the word C is not used for control and it is substituted by K. The usage of word SCENAR is sometimes spelt SKENAR to keep the original Russian pronunciation and spelling intact.

Adapts to changing conditions of the body

The very basis of the SCENAR device and technology lies in the concept of self control, energy and fine tuning along with any changes in nature and the nervous system. Among the most important function is its adaptability to the changing conditions of the body.

Faced with pain, our body undergoes several physiological changes and the pressures exerted in massage needs to be fine tuned to adapt to the changing situation.
Unless the massage pressure can adapt to the body, chances of healing may not be speeded up and you could feel pain for longer periods.

Known as the future of healing pain and several other disorders, Russian SCENAR has developed from treating astronauts to widespread usage coast to coast and all over the world. After all, what is in a word? The healing SCENAR device could be called SKENAR or SCENAR, but the real meaning lies in the ability to heal.

Pain management is big business these days and various medicines as well as therapies and devices are in place. To cure disorders, there are multiple methods and the problem is not restricted to old age people. Modern lifestyle, which requires staying glued to the computer screen while your fingers fiddle with keys, can cause serious disorders.

Restores internal balance

Known as the Star Trek device, SCENAR technology helps to act on nerve impulses in a biofeedback dialogue with the nervous system leading to the restoration of our internal balance and homeostasis. Your conscious mind is really unaware of effectively healing and curing pains and a variety of disorders. SCENAR is used with the electrode placed on the skin leading to an automatic tingling sensation.

The harmony of the body is restored effectively and quickly and the device allows continuity long after the pain is gone.

People are also looking for cheap and portable devices to cure pain and they also want something that can not only heal, but also do not impair the body and the system. The device, researched and developed by Russians to treat astronauts in space when they fell ill, has come as a boon to many people stricken with nerve disorders, joint pains as well as a variety of disorders.

It is a combination of the best in western electronics technology and eastern healing which is ancient as the concept of pain the world over.
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Russian names can be quite a mouthful, but it is often truly amazing whats behind those names. Just look at the Russian SCENAR (SKENAR) at it is a whole new world.
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Scenar - 'scenar' Or 'skenar': What's In The Name Anyway?

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This article was published on 2010/10/03