Scenar "�" Is The Star Trek Healing Device Becoming A Reality?

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The problem of healing has always troubled people over the ages and SCENAR device is one of the many ways that a variety of bodily disorders can be healed. To deal with pain and illness, several methods are tried ranging from conventional medicines, therapy, to meditation and healing devices. Invented by a Russian called Alexander Karasev more than 30 years ago, the SCENAR device has undergone many technological changes in three decades.

Frozen shoulders and stiff joints

The program was invented as part of a Russian space research initiative. For frozen shoulders and stiffness of the joints or even inflammation, the device is said to work. SCENAR therapy reportedly has a success rate of 79 percent in treating painful conditions as it is designed to go deep into the roots of the problem in the shoulder and joints. If there are scar tissues built up over the years, the SCENAR device loosens them while speeding up the natural healing process of the body.

In SCENAR therapy, the device helps as it can be fine tuned to different levels of frequencies and intensities to driving it deep into your shoulder for maximum possible effect. It is a painless process as no needles are used like in acupuncture. The method is absolutely electronic and the trigger points that cause the pain are targeted effectively. Pain therapy as well as effective medication has emerged as a big business in the US and Europe as well.

It is not only pain, but a variety of disorders that can be effectively tackled with the help of SKENAR technology these days. You can shop them online and they are available at a reasonable price as well. You can also get discounts and many online stores also offer home training manuals as well. If being free from pain is a constant worry, then visits to the doctor can be avoided with latest devices which offer natural cure and therapy for all kinds of pain resulting from arthritis, nerve disorders and injuries.

Combined therapy

Combining SCENAR with COSMODIC provides new standards of efficiency in pain treatment. Even though both of them have come about by using different technologies, they are united in one model with the help of an automatic selection system. Each individual has different requirements for healing and both the devices ensure that the approach towards treatment of pain is appropriate and exact for each case while speeding up the recovery process.

COSMODIC is actually a natural evolution of SKENAR, but for quicker results in case of acute pain, they are usually both used together. Switching over or even combining may not be easy and you would have to study the manuals to know how to get rid of pain and a wide variety of disorders. The need for pain relief devices are growing with many people getting affected by disorders on a regular basis irrespective of age.
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Scenar "�" Is The Star Trek Healing Device Becoming A Reality?

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This article was published on 2010/10/02