Scenar "�" 4 Main Reasons Why Scenar Beats Tens

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The SCENAR is one device which can take responsibility for curing all sorts of disorders like respiratory, circulatory, genitor urinary, neurological, gastrointestinal, musculoskeletal, immune, psychological and endocrinal. Even though this device can help you cure a lot of things it is quite non evasive and it is a bio feedback device which doesnt involve any sort of drugs or surgery. It only involves a slight touch to your body using an electrical energy which responds to the signals of the body.

This technology was developed by a team of Russian doctors as well as scientists at the Sochi University. The team was led by Alexander Karasev and this was in the late 1970s. Now on the other hand, TENS is called transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. Here an electric current is produced by a device which stimulates your nerves for various therapeutic purposes. The TENS unit is usually connected to your skin using the electrodes and this includes two electrodes or more.

Now the battery operated TENS can modulate the width of the pulse, the frequency and also the intensity. TENS is usually used on frequencies which are very high and which has an intensity which is below the motor contraction or on low frequencies which have an intensity which will actually produce the motor contraction. This is also a safe simulative device for the nerves which like SCENAR reduces the pain which is acute as well as chronic.

A lot of people confuse TENS with SCENAR and they think that it is the same thing. But this is far from the truth. SCENAR has basically evolved from the TENS. The first difference is that TENS blocks away your pain but then SCENAR which stimulates your body in a self regulation turns away the cause of your pain. The second difference is that these TENS units are usually based on the principle of passing the electricity through your muscle so that you can contract it on its own. But the SCENAR units are based on the transmission of electronic frequencies which help to heal your pain and the cause of the pain too.

The third difference is that TENS is usually based on healing what the response of the body is which is caused by the given action. But then SCENAR is actually based of healed the electrical frequency on its own. The final difference is that SCENAR is like an upgraded version of TENS hence you do have a lot of things which are different. So if you want to reduce your pain then you can use TENS or SCENAR but then according to what your need is you need to choose the unit. Plus make sure that you find out everything about the two units before you actually go and purchase them. After all when electricity is passing through your body it isnt a joke really and you have to make sure that you know everything about the entire procedure including the side effects.
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As you can see, SCENAR is much more than just an electro-stimulator. SCENAR is a REGULATOR, amongst other interesting things. Learn about them at and download a free report on "How to Choose Your SCENAR Device" your guide to success with SCENAR.

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Scenar "�" 4 Main Reasons Why Scenar Beats Tens

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This article was published on 2010/10/21