Relief From Morning Back Aches - Symptoms, Treatment & Pain Relief Options

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How is your back feeling in the morning?

Is the pain making your life more difficult?

1.) Introduction to This Article

Many people complain of back aches when they get up in the morning. The pain is so acute, sometimes accompanied with a burning sensation that many are paralyzed for a few minutes before they can even contemplate moving. - If this sounds anything like what you are going through then you will be glad to know that at the end of this free article, you will find some cost effective treatment options that can seriously help!

2.) Back Pain & Stiffness

The stiffness of a morning back ache can have many reasons, such as emotional distress, a chilly night, overexertion the previous day, arthritis, or simply sleeping in one position for the entire night. A bulging disc is a usual culprit along with bad posture.

To stand up, it seems that one has to slowly turn on the side, inch the legs over the side of the bed, breathe deeply and sit upright. Slow meditative breaths help alleviate the pain before standing up completely.

If the back ache is a new thing, check the mattress. Over time, the mattress loses its firmness and bounce back capability and becomes lumpy creating a strain on the back.

If the sleeping position is the problem, place a pillow between the knees while you are sleeping to ease the pressure on the Sacroiliac joints.

If the pain is due to overexertion that has caused a muscle strain, take a hot shower, pouring the water directly on the area of the pain. Alternately you can use a hot water bottle to give heat to the area.

Bad posture while sitting, standing or playing sports can also aggravate the back. Wearing a well designed lower back brace can be one source of great pain relief. Not only can a lower back support help to relieve lower back pain but also improves posture.

These supports can help to stop you from making painful movements that can further your injury level. This can be helpful in reducing pain and also to help you promote healing of an injured back. When the brace off loads your painful spinal elements with its biomechanical support, you can often times get pain relief very quickly.

*This is health information. Although we strongly believe in the benefits of back support, we realize everyone's situation is different. If your lower back pain is caused by a kidney problem, for example, a back brace might not be the best option for you. This is one reason why you should consult your physician for medical advice for your particular situation.

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Relief From Morning Back Aches - Symptoms, Treatment & Pain Relief Options

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Relief From Morning Back Aches - Symptoms, Treatment & Pain Relief Options

This article was published on 2011/05/16