Overcoming Hemorrhoid Pain

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One of the main reasons people want to get rid of hemorrhoids at the earliest is the pain experienced by the sufferer. Hemorrhoid pain can be such that you may not even be able to sit in a chair properly. There are some simple techniques like the sitz warm water bath that can provide temporary relief. You may have to take sitz bath 2-3 times a day. Applying an ice pack to the anus area after a sitz bath can be extremely beneficial. The process of expansion and contraction of the muscles and tissues makes the veins flexible. The warm and cold water also improves blood circulation and hence the healing.

Another important step to keep hemorrhoid pain under control is to clean the anus area with water regularly. After cleaning use a soft moist tissue and pat dry the area. Wiping the affected area can cause scratching and bleeding. Use a shower jet at low speed to clean and pat dry.

If the pain increases too much then you may have to take medicines to get relief. Common medicines that are prescribed are Ibuprofen and aspirin. Application of creams that contain the herb witch hazel are also known to reduce pain and inflammation.

When the hemorrhoid pain increases due to strain and pressure on the muscles it is advisable not to stand. Bed rest is the best solution in such cases. If the pain is very severe then a surgical intervention may be the only option. This can be done using the rubber band litigation technique or by injecting medicines that will cause the inflammation to reduce and then it is surgically removed.

Only in very severe cases of prolapsed hemorrhoids a proper surgery called the hemorrhoidectomy is performed to remove the swollen mass. Also remember there is no guarantee that the problem would not appear again after surgery.

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Overcoming Hemorrhoid Pain

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This article was published on 2010/03/29