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For those of you who are already familiar with this painful condition, I suggest we have a quick but very informative ovarian cyst overview.

Many people actually ignore the basics of it and why you suddenly end up developing these lumps so let's have a quick recap.

What is an ovarian cyst? It is a rather small sac filled up with fluid. This fluid is mainly made up of water and blood but depending on the kind of cyst that you have, it is not rare to find very weird things such as hairs and even teeth in them. The lump can develop on one or both of your ovaries and are for most of them completely benign. So, if you have been worrying about ovarian cancer, take a deep breath and relax because 98% of the common ovarian cysts found in women of any age are non-cancerous.

Now, let's have a look at what causes them to develop.

Well, in fact many different factors can be the cause of ovarian cysts but it is widely acknowledged that they develop due to a very poor diet. This is in fact the main root cause. An imbalance in your hormonal system can also be blamed for developing ovarian cysts and those who have the condition often have too much Androgen (male hormones) as well as far too much Estrogen within their systems.

Now, what about the different kinds of cysts?

There are many different sorts of cysts, which include amongst the most common ones;


  • Follicular Cyst
  • Corpus luteum cyst
  • Hemorrhagic cyst
  • Dermoid Cyst
  • Endometriomas cyst
  • Pathological cyst


They all have different characteristics and it would be far too long to explain each of them in this short article so for today let's focus on the pain associated with most of them.

A woman suffering from one or a few of these lumps will most probably have to go through several different and uncomfortable symptoms.

These can vary from menstrual irregularities to dull abdomen and pelvic pain as well as pain during sexual intercourse. Some general discomfort and heavy bloating has also very often been reported.

What are the treatments then?

Well, there are many different options.

You can be prescribed hormonal therapy or birth control pills. You may have to undergo surgical removal of the cysts if they become too painful or if they push some nearby organs.

However, you need to be warned that these solutions don't work long-term and you may experience a short relief but the cysts are likely to come back at some point. This is what we call recurring ovarian cysts and it is precisely what you want to avoid.

How is it possible to eradicate them for good then?

Well, most of the women who have tried countless over the counter medication and taken courses of hormonal therapy are now turning to natural treatments, which have basically given them a new lease of life so to speak.

Natural alternatives compared to traditional medicine can shrink cysts within weeks and prevent them from growing back at a later stage.

There is a long list of tips, diet and nutrition advice as well as gentle exercises available in self-help and e-books to help you eradicate this dreadful condition for good.

Please bear in mind that this is just a quick overview on ovarian cysts and that each person has its own way of dealing with the symptoms, pain etc. Some more information on the matter is widely available to those of you who want to ditch traditional cures and their nasty side effects for more natural ways of treating ovarian cysts.

If ovarian cysts are making your life miserable and you want to get rid of them then you must take action TODAY. Natural remedies will shrink and get rid of your cysts for good. Alternatively, you can also visit http://naturaltreatmentforovariancysts-yoan.blogspot.com


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Isabella is now happy to help and advise people who are suffering from either ovarian cysts or panic and anxiety attacks with the help of natural and holistic treatments.

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Ovarian Cyst Overview

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This article was published on 2010/10/22