Joint Pain Ayurvedic Treatments and Herbal Remedies

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Joint pain can be due to relatively benign condition like muscle sprain or ligament injury which can subside by some simple treatment or on its own and it can be a symptom of serious disease like arthritis. Some other mild infections like flu and other viral infections can cause inflammation of bursae, which works as cushion pads for joints and known as bursitis, which can cause pain in the joints.

Joint pain which occurs after strenuous physical activity or repeated use of any particular joint or due to sudden jerk and shock is largely due to muscle pull and sprain. Such pains can be problematic too, massage with any over the counter pain relieving ointment or cream can be a sufficient treatment, if one feel pain in almost every joint of the body due to straining or sudden physical activity, taking a bath with warm water shall help. If there is some inflammation at any joint hot and cold packs can be applied. Hot water tubes and a pack of ice cubes shall be applied at the affected joint one after another, this will improve blood flow to the area and will control the pain and inflammation.

People who occasionally get involved in strenuous physical activity tend to develop the tendency of joint pain as their body is not used to of taking physical strain. Mix two parts of pure olive oil with one part of kerosene oil to form a paste. This paste can be used in the case of joint pain as and when required. It is safe and effective treatment for joint pain. Rumatone Gold oil is also an Ayurvedic non-prescription treatment for this condition.

If there is swelling and redness on the joints along with the pain and particularly if the pain surfaces in the morning or after a period of inactivity it can be a symptom of arthritis. In such condition medical advice shall be taken but some alternate treatments can go along with the regular treatment for quicker relief. Mixture of camphor, methyl salicylate, eucalyptus oil and menthol can be applied and rubbed at the aching joints to relieve the pain. Application of hot apple cider vinegar at the joints before going to bed also provide relief from joint pain and inflammation.

It can be relieved by some supportive diet. Equal parts of carrot juice and lemon juice mixed and a large tablespoon of this mixture consumed everyday helps the body in relieving the joint pain. One clove of garlic consumed with water is also an effective treatment of this condition. Consumption of carrot juice is also helpful in treating recurring joint pain.

Hot and cold water bath, TENS, therapies and exercises particularly of joints, helps in improving strength and endurance of the joints which eventually helps in relieving pain due to any reason. Mild exercises like aerobics, walking and jogging improve metabolism and blood circulation for better joint functioning. Yoga has few exercises and poses which can relieve the joint pain and also prevent its reoccurrence by strengthening the muscles and ligaments. Breathing exercises in yoga have been found helpful even in rheumatic arthritis conditions as they help the body in flushing the toxins out of the body.

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Joint Pain Ayurvedic Treatments and Herbal Remedies

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Joint Pain Ayurvedic Treatments and Herbal Remedies

This article was published on 2010/11/03