How to Eliminate Gallstones Naturally?

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How to Eliminate Gallstones Naturally?

Elimination of gallstones is done by dissolving the stones and passing out. This is possible by natural methods of treatment which are very effective and safe. Surgical removal of the gallbladder in order to get rid of gallstones is very risky and the consequences may prove fatal. Hence, elimination of gallstones naturally is the best solution.

The symptoms of gallstones are severe back pain between shoulder blades, crippling pain on upper abdomen, indigestion and nausea. The skin and eyes may become yellowish and dark colored urine and clay colored stools also can be observed.

There are various reasons for gallstones to occur. Women are more prone to it because pregnancy, obesity and excess of estrogens cause formation of gallstones. Other reasons are frequent constipation, low-fiber high-fat diet, diabetes, excess cholesterol, old age and fasting.

Types of gallstones which could be dissolve and passed

Gallstones are basically of two types. Pigment gallstones are formed due to excess of bilirubin in bile and cholesterol gallstones are formed due to excess of cholesterol in bile. Bile is secreted by liver for digestion of fats and is stored in gall bladder. Bile undergoes solidification in gall bladder forming gallstones. Bile flows through bile duct and when the bile duct is blocked by gallstones, the flow will be affected leading to inflammation and severe pain.

Any type of gallstones in both men and women can be eliminated by natural remedies.

Gallstones formation can be prevented by sticking to a healthy diet containing vegetables and fruits, nuts, less carbohydrates and no junk food. Drinking plenty of water daily, drinking coffee, consuming calcium phosphate and doing regular exercises also help to prevent formation of gallstones.

Metods to dissolve gallstones at home

There are various methods of treatment for elimination of gallstones naturally. These methods are home based remedies and are very effective and are quick in action.

Consume two tea spoons of Quebra Pedra herb in 500 ml water daily for 2 months.

Eat apples and citrus fruits daily and also drink their juices.

Mix I table spoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of apple juice and drink it daily for quick relief of pain.

Taking Rosemary and wild yam daily will help to cure the pain.

Daily eat pear, beets, grapefruit, lemon, grapes and carrot as raw and also drink their juices.

Elimination of gallstones by natural methods of treatment will provide permanent relief from the pain and will not lead to any negative consequence.

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Allow Nature to dissolve & pass Gallstones

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How to Eliminate Gallstones Naturally?

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This article was published on 2010/12/30